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Quotes Christi officiated our wedding in San Clemente last Friday, and she did a job that is completely worth raving about. The sound of her voice and the way she conducted the entire ceremony was so incredible -- smooth, soothing, and so easy and pleasant to listen to. We received so many compliments on her general aura and how she respected every religion/culture in her talk. Her transitions between our bridesmaid singing a solo, the two readings we had our other bridesmaid and groomsman do, and our own personal vows was smooth and so natural. There wasn't even a hint of awkwardness in any of it. We also were told that people loved her crazy hair, haha, as it had a personality of its own and added a flair to our ceremony (frankly, most people tend to think of most wedding officiants as boring or plain; Christi is everything BUT!). Quotes

Quotes Christi was quick to respond to our initial original inquiry, gave an extremely affordable price compared to other officiants we had interviewed, and was constantly checking in with us during the planning process and giving so many options when we would only ask for one or two. She was always helpful with suggestions when we were unsure and was attentive throughout the whole process. Really, from the time we first made contact, we knew that she was special and someone we could trust with delivering what we wanted for our ceremony, which we wanted to customize as much as possible and make our own to reflect our own personalities and inject our own humor into. She succeeded in doing that and more, and we're honored just to write this review for her. She's amazing and you would not regret booking her for your wedding! Quotes

Quotes SoonToBeMrsD said... Christi was amazing! She was sweet, professional, informative, and knew how to handle my husbands and my different personalities. Once she got to know us on a more personal level, she would joke with us and that just made us that much more comfortable with her. She spoke clearly during our ceremony and there was never a moment during our vows where we had to say "what?" or have her repeat something. We always knew what to do and that helped us stay calm. Christi was just a fun person to be around, and we would recommend her to anyone!! Put A Ring On It Weddings responded with the following comments: THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO REVIEW OUR SERVICES!!! You two were such a true pleasure to work with!! I enjoyed getting to know the two of you very much. You both have such sweet and kind souls about you, that came through beautifully during your ceremony. Quotes

Quotes Jeff said... Christie was a great addition to our wedding. Provided us with customized wedding vows. Was always following up with communication.. Great price and great attitude!! Thanks again, Put A Ring On It Weddings responded with the following comments: Jeff, First... let me say how grateful I am that you took the time to review my services! Secondly, it was truly my pleasure to work with both of you!! You make a beautiful couple and am honored to have been a part of your wedding. I wish great things for the two of you!!! Best regards & wishes!! Wedding: 10/09/2015 Services Used: Officiant Reviewed On: 12/11/2015 Quotes

Quotes Tricia said... Rev. Christi Wyckoff is awesome! We had our wedding a couple weeks ago at the Mission Inn and the ceremony was beautiful! We couldn't ask for more! Everything Rev. Christi Wyckoff said was spot on and wonderful! My husband andI are so happy! Thank you! ♡ :-) Put A Ring On It Weddings responded with the following comments: Tricia, Thank you so very much for the review!! This was so kind of you to do, especially since I hadn't even asked for one yet!! It was truly my pleasure & I am so thrilled that you were pleased! You two were so sweet and I truly wish the best for you! Wedding: 09/27/2015 Services Used: Officiant Reviewed On: 10/09/2015 Quotes

Quotes Papi Chula said... Rev. Christi Wyckoff, was THE BEST. The outline that she put together according to what things we wanted to incorporate, was perfect!!!!! My wife and I were late to our own weddings. But Rev. Wyckoff was more that patient and helpful in such a stressful time. We forgot our Unity Candles and the flowers for my Mother's Rose giving. But nonetheless she improvised and it was like we never even made the mistake of leaving them behind. We even have a photo that was taken with her in it displayed in our home. Definitely A+ Service!!!!!! Put A Ring On It Weddings responded with the following comments: Thank you so much for your review!!! I somehow didn't get notified of your review of my services and stumbled upon it today! I was so glad to help for you and your wife!! I hope you are both doing well & am thrilled that you are so happy with the services I provided!! I'm going to highlight your review for viewers to see!! Take good care! Wedding: 07/24/2015 Quotes

Quotes Alannah said... Rev. Christi Wyckoff is excellent!! She married us just a few of weeks ago in Lytle Creek, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such a fantastic officiant. Christi is very professional, well-priced, incredibly responsive, and full of wonderful ideas and suggestions when it comes to planning your ceremony. Everything flowed seamlessly, and we were very pleased with the way it all came together. She did a sand ceremony for us and added small comedic touches that really made the ceremony ours. Our friends and family felt the whole ceremony was so personable and they really felt the love. Christi was amazing in making our day so wonderful I can't thank you enough, your the best. If you want an officiant that's awesome and gets to really know the couple and your love story then choose Rev, Christi. Quotes

Quotes Private User said... Overall a wonderful experience. The ceremony was perfect and the Mothers Rose was beautiful. Not a dry tear in the crowd. I definitely recommend Christi ! Put A Ring On It Weddings responded with the following comments: Hello again! I wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to review my services! The pleasure was truly all mine to work with the two of you & to be a part of the beginning of your future together!! Take care of one another always & best wishes to you!! Thank you again!! Rev. Christi Wedding: Recently Married Services Used: Officiant Reviewed On: 06/12/2015 Quotes

Quotes Egobrains28 said... Rev. Wyckoff was AMAZING! We had last minute wedding venue change, needed to find someone to marry us as soon as I could. She was the perfect fit! She was able to fit us into her schedule, fast responses to emails. The ceremony she had written out for us was unbelievable. We got misty eyed just reading the rough draft. She was able to personalize the ceremony for us perfectly, everything we wanted and nothing we didn't want. I am very thankful that I was able to find the perfect person to marry us. Put A Ring On It Weddings responded with the following comments: Hello again! I just wanted to thank you personally for your unbelievable review of my services! I am so flattered and touched that you took the time to write this!! It was truly my pleasure to have worked with the two of you & I wish you luck in love & happiness for all the years to come! Take care & thank you so very much again!! Rev. Christi Wedding: 03/28/2015 Services Used: Officiant Quotes

Quotes Martha said... Thank you for all the help in making our ceremony so beautiful. Put A Ring On It Weddings responded with the following comments: Thank you Martha for taking time out of your day to give me this wonderful review!! It was truly my pleasure to have met and worked with the two of you!! Best wishes in your new bright future together! Sincerely, Christi Wyckoff Wedding: 10/18/2014 Services Used: Officiant Reviewed On: 11/16/2014 Quotes
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